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Frequently Asked Questions...

video camera- vintage?

i am looking to buy a video camera. however really dislike the intense clarity & saturation of today's clips. ideally am looking for that vintage effect- grainy, with duller colours (like '70's films).
any suggestions on what to purchase?

Best Answer...


Save yourself the grief of trying to download from an old camera to your computer for edition and do it on a contemporary digital one, then run a filter in postprod., nowadays there are filters that give you very good quality 'old camera' effects.
Another thing is that those cameras are obviously discontinued, so find one in optimal working condition is nearly impossible, not to mention find the spare parts in case it breaks down would be completely impossible as well. Also, in the 70's the most used home cameras were the super-8 and such, which worked with Celluloid film... I don't even know how the hell to download celluloid to PC, let alone DVD. Definitely not a good idea.

Hope that helped...