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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do birth control pills need to be taken in a specific order?

I'm 17, my girlfriend is 17, and my parents found out that we're having sex a few months ago. Hers don't know. My parents know they can't stop it, and it's gonna happen no matter what, so they're letting me make my own decisions. (Note: I have awesome parents)

Now, my mom says that my girlfriend needs to go on birth control or she's telling her mom. This would mean the end of our relationship, and I love her, so I don't want that. My mom doesn't believe me when I say I'd rather give up sex to stay with her. So, no matter what, even if we stop having sex, my mom needs proof that she is on birth control for us to stay together.

This means that we need to keep it discrete and hidden from her parents. So I figured we could get birth control from planned parenthood, and put it in a plastic bag or candy container or something. Herein lies the problem.

Does each pill need to be taken on a specific day?

Sorry to kill you all with details. Thanks in advance for replies.

Best Answer...


Just keep the pills in the original packaging and have her keep them at school in her locker or hidden. I don't agree with you two keeping this a secret, but that's my opinion. The pills she'll take have to be taken everyday at the same time everyday, that is very important. For a certain amount of days every month she'll take a placebo. She should really take these so that she stays in the habit of taking her pills. But they need to stay in the original packaging because of the days being labeled. It helps her keep track of missed and late pills. But no matter where you go pills are expensive, as is any birth control. And in my opinion pills are the best form of control. Good luck.