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Blue pill with imprint of cup/mug?

I'm a mother of a 17 year old, and recently found a circular, blue pill with an imprint of what appears to be a cup or mug with a straw on it. It is only me and my daughter living in this house, and I know the pill is not mine. I'm wondering what it is, and am very concerned my daughter may have obtained some sort of perscription drug that she should not have. Again, it's a blue pill with an imprint of a cup or mug on it. Can anyone tell me what exactly this pill is?

Best Answer...


it could be anything from ecstasy to an erection enhancer!

illegal drugs can be made with almost any imprinted picture and any colour.

BUT... there are loads of so called sex pills that are legal to by. most of these are blue. Ann Summers (UK high street store) sells them over the counter!

Best thing to do is ask your daughter for a straight answer. you'll know if she's lying.

you can also take it to a chemist (toxicology) and get it looked at. they will be able to give you an answer. but this will cost.