General Mills

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is general mills nature valley granola cereal with Raisins healthy for you?

I was wondering if this was healthy for you. I usually mix it with some yogurt, and i was making sure it wasn't unhealthy for me.

Best Answer...


It's OK but full of fat and sugar.
I hate the way companies try to make you believe their product is healthy.
I'm not saying it isn't, but you could eat Fruit Loops and it would be less fat. It's got sugar, high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, canola oil, honey, more oil, more sugar, more oil and more sugar.
You may as well eat candy.

Yes it has whole grains in it, but they come in a huge packet of sugar.
YOu're better off with oatmeal, or shredded wheat ( which has one ingredient- wheat)