Ivory Soap

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does Ivory soap help stop acne more then normal soap?

Before I got acne stuff I always used ivory soap and if I used alot it would dry my face so when i moved it, it would stretch. Its wierd, like ripping 1 tiny layer of skin, but it kinda worked. So is it designed to help more or something?

Best Answer...


Rather than soap, which can really dry out your skin too much, I would suggest you use Oxy Face wash with Salicylic Acid in it. The salicylic acid will cleanse your face and get rid of the acne as well as prevent more. I had a terrible problem too and tried everything. Finally, one day I just happened to need a face wash and decided to try this one and I've never been happier! People have commented that my face has cleared up and it's really great. Try and avoid chocolate and sweet stuff, drink a couple of glasses of hot water at night, keep drinking as much water as you can throughout the day and you'll start to see a difference.
Good luck :)