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London people: any advices and a cheap restaurant?

I'm planning a trip to London with my boyfriend, from 27th December 2010 to 3rd January 2011 (seven nights and eight days).
We need some advices from people who live in London or from people which know well that city.

These are two hotels we are thinking to go on;label=hotel-121451-gb-Y2*63C4E*D5F9KWe1m0TDAS3625081044;ws=&gclid=CPuAlbT6pKMCFQ2S3wodxB_q3w;label=hotel-231076-gb-5TBCTzihNoT3L84ZGycu4gS3221318634;ws=&gclid=CJO-tMn6pKMCFYiT3wodr3aA3g

Could someone please tell me which is better about position (which one is more central), and better about zone (for example if it's crowd or isolate, especially in the night)?

Then we're looking for some cheap restaurants..i'll be glad to everyone who can suggest us some.
10 points! Thanks in advance

Best Answer...


I'd go with the second hotel just because I like that part of town better. You're closer to the park and you're centrally located between a number of tube stations and some pretty easily accessible bus routes. As for cheap restaurants, I'm not much help in that department, I'm afraid. But there is a really great north Indian place in Covent Garden called Punjab that I've always really loved. Also, there are some good Lebanese places right near Marble Arch that smell like heaven in the morning.

Also, about being isolated at night, I used to live just up Edgware Road and took the N10 bus home many nights at 3 am and no one bothered me. It's definitely a neighborhood in which I always felt safe.