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Looking for suggestions/recommendations on painting vintage metal cabinets?

My home is an older home. The kitchen has metal cabinets & cupboards, probably from the 50's but not too sure. Overall they are in good shape but the exterior surface is discolored and the previous sellers tried to hide it with spray paint. So I need to know 2 things: First, how to remove the cabinet doors since they are not hinged like wood cabinets & second, how to properly renovate them. Do I need to sand them? Then how? What about painting them? What do I use to paint them and how? Any valid suggestions from some DIY'ers would be wonderful. Also if anyone knows of any other websites that may have tips along these lines would be great too. Thanks

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If your not going to take them off the walls then all you can do is just sand them down. Depending on what was used on them you may have to start out with a pretty coarse sandpaper at first and then go to a finer one. Use a good primer. I would go with a latex paint for easy cleanup and if you want them to have a nice sheen on them make sure you go with at least a semi-gloss but I would go with a full gloss or glossy finish to make them shine like new ones. Hope this helps.