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Frequently Asked Questions...

The best way to invest $10,000 Australian Dollars ?

I have just received $10,000 dollars and i was wondering what the best way to invest it was.

Does anybody know how much you could build this 10,000 up to within say 10 years of investment? (using a safe and tested method ie bank, blue chip stocks etc..)
thanks a lot!

Best Answer...


Currently the stock market is no playground for beginners. If I were you I would just hold on to the money and wait for things to calm down (in the stock market). This could take some time (i.e another year).

Once all the bad news has ended, then you can enter the market. Stick to the top 20 company's on the ASX. Buy when they're low (looking at their price over the last 12 months) and sell when they're high.