Duck Bank

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would make a mother do this to her child?

Kids want everything and they ask for everything. We all know that. Well my mother used to get (seemingly) resentful towards me when I would ask for things instead of just telling me no. She would say "You ask for EVERYTHING" and get really angry.

Once she bought a Donald Duck bank and when I saw it I naturally thought it was for me so I asked if it was and said "No, it was for ME, but I guess you can have it" I know the woman has mental health issues but I can't figure out why this incident happened.

She would also eat candy in front of me and wouldn't share.
I am an adult now and live on my own, but I always wondered about this.

Best Answer...


Unfortunately, parents are human beings too. They have their own set of needs and wants. Some parents are more benevolent than others. While some adults just have more needs than others. Mental Illness would explain a lot of this behavior. The only thing you can do is let go of the past. Remembering past pain will only lead to anger, which is not good for you. Try to forgive your mother, knowing full well she has faults, like everyone else. Dealing with family is similar to the changing tides of the ocean; sometimes high, and other times low.