Train Engine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does a train work?????!!!?

I need help and pictures how a train engine works and anything else that causes the train to move.
its a high speed train none of that old school trains that move by steam

Best Answer...


Go here first, then go to the rest of these:

This is an interesting web page that Aviophage suggested to me several months ago.
The GG1 electric is no longer in service, but the 'how a train works' part of your question will be amazed at how complicated and powerful locomotives are.

Check this out, you'll see what I mean:

Also take a look at this one:

This will fill up your mind.

Here are some pictures you've never seen showing the huge diesel locomotive engines:

We're talking some major low end torque.

And then go to this link to listen to one of these big diesel engines start up!
This is an EMD 645 20 cylinder engine:

Finally, check out some of these, and you'll see trying to answer your question involves too many moving parts to type out here! [really neat!] [this will feed your mind!]