Truck Die

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Why would my truck die and not start back up?

I started my 2000 chevy truck up to let it warm up. Then i went out and got back in it and it died. The battery seems fine but it wont start the truck nor could i jump start it. Could it be something more electrail wrong with it?
Yes it has a full tank of gas and the plugs are fine i think its wiring in the truck the stereo comes on and off when ever it wants to also.
ok let me add this to it wont crank it drains the battery right out. i know if it trys to crank and doesn't then i'd be wondering about the fuel filter. I did take automotives i know some about this problem.
Thanks for the idea about the starter but see it was running then died and now it wont even crank is why i'm thinking electrical.
Thank you all

Best Answer...


Since we don't have a lot of information, let's start with the basics. Four things are required for an engine to run: timing, compression, fuel and spark. If you are missing any one of those things, it will not run. If you have all those, it will run. Maybe not well, but it will run. A mechanic, like me, will first try to start the engine. Does it crank? If so, does it freewheel, (that is, does it turn over without evidence of compression, a slipped timing chain will be obvious to an experienced mechanic, but probably not to most others), ? If it cranks, and has compression he or she will check for either spark or fuel, whichever is easiest. Fuel pump failure is probably the most likely. The fuel pump runs for a second or two when the key is turned from 'off' to 'run', (the position just before start or crank). The pump has an electric motor and is located inside the fuel tank. Have a helper listen near the tank when you turn the key to run. (do not crank at this time). Can they hear a hum? If not either the pump is bad, or it is not getting the power to run. GM has a fuse for this, check it. The owner's manual should give you fuse location information. If the fuse is ok, and the pump does not appear to run, use a rubber mallet or piece of wood to rap on the bottom of the tank. When electric motors get old, the brushes can get stuck and tapping on the motor will sometimes get the thing to work for a while. Worth a try because it does not cost anything. That's enough for now, good luck. If you are messing around with gasoline, be careful, a bad burn is an unforgetable experience.
I see new information. If it won't crank over, even with a jump from a good battery or other car, either the starter is bad, or is not getting power to turn or the signal to turn. Again, the first thing I would do is rap on the starter with a hammer, while someone is trying to start the engine. Next, check for power to the starter. This might be good time to unplug the ignition to prevent an accident. If the starter is not getting the electric signal to turn, try moving the shifter, (on an auto trans), from park to neutral and back a few times. Then, get your phone and call an mechanic. You might want to stop by the bank and the bakery on the way down.