Beer Pull

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Frequently Asked Questions...

looking for a meter that will measure the amount of beer pulled from barrel?

meter that can measur in pints /or gallons to fit in beer pipeline

Best Answer...


Ok, I did a little searching and I found some stuff that you may be looking for. One is this product and measures the gallons that go through a meter:

It costs around $200, so it is not something to just run out and buy.

Try calling this company or writing them an email because they offer food grade flow meters:

If you are just looking for something for the hobbyist, then you may want to run down to the hardware store and ask them if they have a water flow meter... inexpensive.

If this is for a commercial business then I do not think $200-300 is that bad to pay for it. Give tuthill a call and ask for a food grade meter.

Hope this helps

Edit: Curious Steve, that is also a good idea except that scales, other then balance scales, will decrease efficiency after a while with a continuous load. If 50 KG stays on a normal scale for a month, when you take it off it will still read 50 KG or 30 or so. You know what I mean.