Neon Wall

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Questions about painting my bathroom?

I want to paint my bathroom walls pure white, and currently it is off white with one neon green wall, do i have to primer the walls before painting? If not should i primer the neon wall to hide the color?

Also, im not sure which type of paint is best for a bathroom, i know behr sells a bathroom paint at home depot so i was thinking of going with that

Any thing major i might need to know before painting a bathroom would be great too


Best Answer...


to answer your first question yes you should prime the neon green wall most of the major brands including behr have suitable primers/sealers , you may however have to prime two or three times.

Before priming however , mask off, use drop clothes, then do all your patching ,caulking, let dry ...then sand, then prime then paint

The recommended type paint would be an enamel which come in a variety of sheens such as eggshell, low lustre, semi-gloss and high gloss.