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Frequently Asked Questions...

HELP! I am trying to come up with a staff incentive program for a pub. Any Ideas?

I am the manager of a pub/bar and I need some ways in motivating my staff. I am tierd of giving away a bottle of wine etc. If anyone has some ideas on how I can run a team staff incentive. This way they would work together. Also if I ran the contest over a few months I could give away a really great prize. Like a digital camera etc. I need some way of keeping score. Help!

Best Answer...


I have worked for a service industry for years even though it was a law firm it was still about getting the clients. One thing we did was every summer we had a contest, whoever had the most sales or percentages of sales, would get a weekend at a resort in Branson. It was a great idea and since we all broke all kinds of records one year we all got to go. But you could do a suite in a nice hotel. Work in coordination with the hotel and put that nice bottle of wine in the hotel room and maybe kick in an hour massage for your employee or one room service meal delivered. There is nothing better than paid time off plus getting to go on a vacation even if it's in your own hometown. There is something about a hotel room that says "relax, have a great time, on us- Thanks for a job well done!"