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Frequently Asked Questions...

does this, or does this not seem like the server is asking for a tip...?

the check is for, say.....$9.38, you hand him/her a $20.00 and they ask "do you want your change back?". to me, that is asking for a tip, when i was a server, i never asked if they wanted their change back, i always just placed thewir change on a tip tray and sat it with their receipt on the table, and usaully ended up with more than 20%. do you find this "subliminal begging" to be lacking of tact?
i need to add tho, that this happens at applebees, olive garden, red lobster, and just about anywhere, even happened at cracker barrel, only 2 places that i can think of, where it doesnt happen. one of my servers when i was in management did that, i called her to the ofice and promptly instructed her that we dont do that there, and we dont tolerate it. sh went back onto the floor and in les than 5 minutes, she did it again...needless to say, she was relieved of her duties.

Best Answer...


That's not asking for a tip - that is just plain rudeness!!

You would be tipping more than your bill - that's not right.

I would expect to be treated how you said that you used to. I would be more inclined to leave you a bigger tip than the first one. How rude!