Cat Figurine

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What to get a father that has everything?

My dad is 50+ years old, white, wealthy doctor, in a good marriage. I am the kind of person (daughter) that can't remember birthdays or anniversities or holidays. He has a large house, a good sized summer house on an island, he is very active and looks 40 or something? (I'm bad at that kind of thing) I'm not a card person either. No one gets cards from me. Maye a phone call. I called my mom on mother's day(glad I remembered!) My parents and sister are visiting me this week. The day after fathers day. I got my mom a little cat figurine for mothers day, but never sent it. (lazy?) I still have it and am going to give it to her when they some, what about my dad? I'm 21 female in the air force and he is very proud. I've given my parents pictures of me in uniform and picture frames for them... now what? I have money for nice things(>$75 though) money is not a thing for him. He has a boat and 2 homes and only works because he'd be bored if he retired.

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give him your time... for he might be running out of his