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Frequently Asked Questions...

A coffee cup on the dashboard of a car slides forward on the dash?

A coffee cup on the dashboard of a car slides forward on the dash when the driver decelerates from 36.2 km/hr to rest in 37.6s or less, but not if he decelerates in a longer time. What is the coefficient of static friction between the cup and the dash?

Cabyou show how you got the answer please?

Best Answer...


I don't know but when I was driving my farm truck I always put my coffee cup on the dash as opposed to using a coffee holder. This was because most of the coffee holders built now days are for those damned skinny cups that people take to those starbucks places. This didn't work for me:

1. Those skinny cups are no good for farmers. They tip over while you're working.
2. The coffee holders built for those kinds of cups never fit into my damn truck.

So, I bought a travel coffee mug made for camping. They're made out of metal and they're strong. They have a wide base and a plastic top. They balance well on the dashboard. Yes, they do slide around a little while you accelerate and decelerate but I never had one tip over, not even when I was driving with a full load of corn in the back.