Debbie Mumm

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Frequently Asked Questions...

interior decorators, I am not one, can you help me ?

I'm 56 and want to start decorating my house. I have chosen the out of date look of Home country look by Debbie Mumm, I am quite crafty and can sew up a storm so fell I can make do, but do you have ideas on how to search for sites besides ebay that might show older mumm stuff ? Or suggestions. I am open to comments and even if you don't agree with me, I'd like to hear about your giftedness since decorating isn't mine :)

Best Answer...

Answer: has some great info - and LOTS of it - on all different design styles. There's also an area "Rate My Room" where you can see pics that people have posted of their own decorating. And if you have cable, watch that channel - it's great. I got a lot of tips on using colour and furniture placement that I otherwise didn't have a clue about.