Doll Figurine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

looking for these dolls/figurines of black dolls in bikinis, dresses and one on a poll, they're voloptuous

looking to where i can purchase them

Best Answer...


Its hard to find one. Most of them u see the white dolls have what you are looking for. Black dolls often times dont look attractive or limited with selections. Even i see that the black dolls are too dark or tooo brown with wrong color complexions. EVEN they dont have very much Chinese dolls, Indian Dolls, and so on. Most of them dressed like STUPID or not sexy.. Comparing to white dolls. its still racism or ingorance in this society.. So where to find one. Its hard to find a nice black doll with what you want.. Try to find it on the internet or else. Sorry, im not much of a help!