Father Christmas

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can a Jehovah's Witness pose as Father Christmas in a shopping mall?

My JW friend is broke and desperately needs a job. He is fat with a big white beard and has been offered the position of Father Christmas at our local mall.

Best Answer...


Are you sure he is a Jehovah's Witness? Their headquarters has ruled that facial hair is worldly hair and unsuitable for godly people. They also frown upon fat people like your friend. He is probably one of their "MARKED" members who is not qualified for special priviliges or eternal life under the thumb of the Watchtower.

Jehovah's Witnesses are very much concerned about appearances. They live in a little, judgmental bubble where anything they say or do is placed under a microscope and analyzed for motive, theocratic value, and pagan content.

For instance, since their governing body (Religious Leadership) is currently opposed to anything to do with Christmas, a JW in good standing dressing up like Santy Claus would be verboten. In fact any sort of employment that might detract from their organizational image is off limits. for instance, one may not work in a video rental store for fear of renting out an R rated or *gasp* an adult feature.

One may not work in a nightclub or bar, for fear people would think Jehovah's Witnesses are drunken, immoral, people. Other off limits jobs would be selling cigarettes, police officer, soldier, or anything that supports the community or country.

The leadership prefers their members to not get college educations or work in a profession of any kind. The reason is that critical thinking skills and freedom of thought are dangerous to the mind control the watchtower uses to manipulate their members. Most JWs are janitors, scrub women, window washers, and salesmen. Since they need to be active all day knocking on doors, a sales career is perfect for hucksters of cheaply made little books and magazines.