Glass Bud

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I am a vendor of fairtrade items- about one third of which is jewelry. To complement the fairtrade, I am?

thinking of adding recycled depression glass jewelry- eco friendly- made in the United States and depression glass bud small vases. The pendants are long rectangular and so are the earrings. They are stunning. The earrings would sell for 35.00 and the pendants with 18" sterling silver chains would sell for $45.00. My current most expensive piece now is $25.00- I am asking whether depression glass is popular, and which colors might be most popular- choices of ruby, cobalt, teal, green, pink, amber, golden amber, mason jar clear and olive. I will start with five colors. I have a booth all year round in a lovely indoor market- to be opening every weekend beginning in early May. Are there any suggestions as to whether the idea is good, whether people today can afford prices like that and also which colors might sell more than others?

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