Holy Family

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Frequently Asked Questions...

I need information about the Holy Family?

Can someone please give me information about this?


And on the comparisons on Blessed Virgin Mary with the Isis worship?


Sorry for my bad English..

Best Answer...


Moustafa Gadalla, the writer of these books on Egyptology, has no credentials listed as a historian or archaeologist. The back cover of one his books calls him "an independent Egyptologist." That means he has theories that no true academic would support. Also, anyone can post on Wikipdia. Almost any two religions will have some kind of parallels, especially when studing something as broad as the female/goddess/mother archtype.

That said, originally in Christianity "mother of god" was meant to describe the divinity and humanity of Jesus (God made flesh), but later came to be interpreted as making Mary a divine mother of heaven, as the cult of devotion to Mary grew.