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Frequently Asked Questions...

How come most human adults don't believe in Santa Claus and things that are too fantastical?

I'm talking more about fairy tale stuff, like really fantastical stuff.

If we stopped growing and developing at the age of say, 7 or 8, what would this world be like? Why do adults seem to have enough understanding to understand that Santa Claus is not real by the age of 13, 15, and especially 20, but not when they're 6.

Best Answer...


Questioning the validity of a statement isn't a virtue of most children. They have what is called a tabla rasa at birth, which means blank slate in Latin. This blank slate is easily impressed by everything, even mathematics, color differentiation, and can't question what it's being taught, till it has learned the basics of how language represents actual events. Children usually believe everything they hear till adolescence when they start questioning the norms, and rebel, as teenagers do.

The fantastical idea of Santa can be believed in till the person reads up on Santa, or realizes the person behind the beer breath, and white beard is uncle Joe. Its all about understanding the difference between the imaginary and the real. Children live in the lala land of the imagination.