Galactica Autograph

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Battlestar Galactica Autographs?

I was wondering where people find the actors to sign them an autograph? Do they turn up at their opening for the tv show or something?

Best Answer...


'I have to say I have never done any autograph hunting myself but it seems to me that you are assuming that these people do a 'sci-fi' show and then never work again! (This may sometimes be the case!)
I recently saw an interesting play at the theatre and found out that one of the actors in it used to be in 'Blake 7', outside the theatre were quite a few fans of the cult 1970's sci-fi show who presumably had every chance of getting his autograph.
Failing going to there current place of work, (or assuming they are now unemployable) you would probably find them at 'conventions' for the show itself or more general 'sci-fi' conventions. It is likely that these kind of cult shows will have websites full of fans who will have dates of conventions.
Failing that you could always try E-bay!
Best of luck!