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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have downloaded yahoo ant-spy, numerous times but the icon does not appear on my toolbar? others do?

I re-downlaoded yahoo toolbar, downloaded yahoo anyi spy and icon wont appear to use it. I looked at my computer programs in the uninstal program and I see it's on my computer. How to I get to be able to use it? Icon just wont add to toolbar...I tried everything, including toolbar button home and hit add and icon will not appear or be able to be used??

Best Answer...


Yahoo is very mis-leading when they advertise Anti-Spy. The Y! toolbar does not come with Anti-Spy pre-loaded. You can verify my statement by looking for CA Yahoo! Anti-Spy in add or remove programs. If you never had the Y! toolbar, then you would get the Anti-Spy button (blue shield icon). Otherwise, you have to add the button. Click the Settings button (2nd button from the words Web Search) on the Y! toolbar, click Add/Edit buttons, click Button Gallery and you should see the Anti-Spy button. Add it and save changes. Now click the blue shield icon on the Y! toolbar and click Run Anti-Spy. That will download/install the Anti-Spy program (gets saved in Program FilesCA Yahoo! Anti-Spy) and then you have to wait for it to install updates (malware definitions). Hope this info helps.