Final Lap

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do you think of Kyle Busch saying he got "dumped"?

Busch said Tony Stewart "dumped" him on the final lap and Daytona and should have been black flagged... Anyone else think this is insane?? Tony may have gave him a little bump to loosen him up but he clearly had his nose there when Busch went up for the block. Every other driver that has commented has said Tony Stewart did nothing wrong. Honestly, I don't see how Busch has any fans with the way he acts...

Best Answer...


Kyle must not have seen the race video, and is relying on some of the more delusional fans' assessments of what happened during the race. This just shows how mature he really is, unwilling to accept any responsibility for his actions.

If he feels he got dumped, then I guess nobody will change his mind. Considering how his fans cheer his aggressive driving, they can't be hypocrites when that aggressive driving comes back to bite him once in a while.