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Star Trek?

As a huge Star Trek fan, I was just wondering if the Star Trek creators would ever consider making a movie in which explains the Borg origin to existence? How they started, how they became so dependence on technology, etc. or better yet actually, if you guys remember the Star Trek Voyager episode in which that onc Q wanted the freedom to commit suicide. And during a conversation with Tovuc, he uses the analogy: "to other less advanced species, Voyager seems extremely powerful. It's no different with the Q continuum and you guys." I found that very interesting, how did the Q develop into such godlike figures?

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I would like to see something about How the Borg started. Q would be the one to do it. He could transport a crew back in time, they could meet what seems to be nice folks who are experimenting with cybernetics. The crew realizes they are the early Borg, and then they must decide if they tinker with the time line or leave it be.