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Frequently Asked Questions...

How much would you pay if you wanted to buy a set of bengals bobble heads?

The full 2008 kings of the gridiron set from burger king and carson Palmer actually signed his (I have no picture to verify though)
Sorry it is the 2007 set
Here is the link to what it includes

Best Answer...


I took a fast look at eBay, just for comparison sake, and see one sale featured: "RARE BURGER KING 2006 Cincinnati Bengals Bobblehead Set " priced at $29.99...

So I would assume your set would be worth more than that because even though it's more recent you also have one that's signed, which I'd guess would be appealing to most collectors.

There's a list of Cincinnati Bengals bobblehead auctions on the link indicated in my source below, which you might want to check out for comparison sake.

Hope that helps!