Disney World

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i travel between Disney World resorts?

I am planning on going on my honeymoon to Disney World toward the end of March 2012. I am hoping to go to a hotel (not disney) near one of their resorts and either walk or take free transportation to a different Disney park each day. I am wondering if they are within walking distance of each other or if I will have to rent a car and drive to each park. Also I live in California, so will the humidity in Florida be bad around March/April?

Best Answer...


Disney World is not like Disney Land. There are no outside hotels within walking distance of any of the parks or resorts, except Downtown Disney. They have deliberately re-routed those buses so it will take you forever to get to the parks. Disney has thought this through, and trust me, they have made it pretty much mandatory to drive or stay in one of their resorts. It's your honeymoon, for the sake of your new bride and marriage, don't try to get around the parking fee. :) Plus the parks in Disney World are significantly bigger than the ones in Disney Land, just walking around those will wear you out. I suggest you google "Disney World" under the maps option and you'll see how big 43 square miles is.

The parks are not within walking distance of each other, but you can take buses or monorails between them. If you drive, you will only have to pay the parking fee once and you will get a pass good for all the parks.

Compared to California, the humidity will be bad.