Hop Along Cassidy

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Frequently Asked Questions...

So you think video games are violent? What about Snow White and the poisoned apple?...?

...Sleeping Beauty? A kid kills an
old lady in Hansel and Gretel. Rock-a-bye-baby? What happens when the wind blows? How about cartoons of old like Popeye? The Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote? The old westerns like The Lone Ranger, Sky King and Hop-Along Cassidy were full of violence. As a kid I had an Annie Oakley western outfit complete with holster and pistols. Just about every kid I knew had cap guns. BB guns were also popular among the older boys.

Are video games getting a bad rap? Aren't they the new form of entertainment for children which are really, for the most part, no more violent than the stuff we watched as kids?

Best Answer...


Yes a lot of books are voilent. But first they dont make a big todo or big ordeal about the blood and guts as is often the case with Video Games, and some movies. Also reading voilence and seeing it are to different things and affect the brain in different ways. And the biggest difference is that ACTIVE role the person/child has in commiting the violent act instead of jsut reading it on a page. That active role is what is so bad. If we look at some of the old tv shows, we often saw peopel getting shot, but we did nto see them "die" or bleed out and or explode. Look at the tv show A-Team. We saw a lot of bullets fly and even saw a few peopel get show, and lots of cars flip, but we never once saw a person die, or heard anyone glot about killing someone else. That is a lot different than in the video games. I have played many and only allow a few of the shooting type in the house for my boys and they are only for my eldest mostly. Certain ones, like Grand Theft Auto, are not allowed, and my boys know how I feel about that series & what it promotes: violance, drugs, gangs, murder, unprotected sex, theft, crime, and such. I knwo that they sometimes, will play Halo at a frineds house, but they also have had several talks about the difference between the game and real life. Also since my boys all have experienced "Real Life" as they were adopted from the foster care system, so they already understand to a degree that beating someone hurts them and that drugs can ruin a family and the guns are very dangerous.

Parents need to sit and discuss with theit kids the video games that they play and if possible, and there is no reason its not possible really, play each of the games the kids play. Not only is it a conversation piece but then you know the game and whom its approaite for and maybe even play it with the kids so instead oif them just vegging out there it becomes another way to actually spend family time together. I prefer for us to play other games but we do play some video games together, and I do play certain games with some of my boys, like Unreal. But its not a "real Life" type setting. At least not for a few years until we have bases on other planets and are co-mingling with a wide range of alien life forms.

Also I dont recall Popeye every killing anyone. It was normally him protecting his love, olive oil from Brutus and his evil thoughts...

Also back in those days, kids were not shot because they had a cap gun, and the cap guns did not look real, and Gangs were not an issue nor were drive by shootings and such... The times have changed....