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LGBT: Your opinion on these?

Did anybody see the two lesbian PostSecrets this week? (I'd link to the exact pictures but Y!A keeps blocking the question if I do.)

One of them says, "Mom, I never told you... I hate guys because of what he did to you..." with a lesbian rainbow triangle next to it.

The other says, "I believe the reason I am a lesbian is because I cannot imagine loving any man more than my Dad or Grandfather."

What is your opinion on these? I love all your thoughts and love getting your opinions.
Luca, thank you so much for posting the links!

Best Answer...


So I'm not the only person here who is a fan of PostSecret!

For the first one, I'm assuming it meant the daughter decided to be a lesbian based on the fact her mother was abused, raped, or had some other traumatic experience with men.
The daughter is going to have to come to terms with herself eventually. If she is naturally a lesbian, she is going to need to realize she isn't one because of her mother's experience. If she is only pretending to be gay, she needs to realize that is not who she is.

As for the second one, I can really appreciate its message. My father is wonderful, and I think no man could measure up to him. Being bisexual, though, I might eventually find somebody who does.

Slightly off topic, but here's a thread full of gay secrets in case you haven't seen it: