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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can New Orleans section users stop the NBA voting abuse that is occurring?

I browse the section here occasionally. I have noticed lately there is a disturbing trend. Some user(s) are voting for NBA (No Best Answer) when a question goes to voting, when there are other, perfectly good answers to the questions. Good questions are being removed in this manner. Good users that are giving decent answers are being cheated in this manner.

When a user votes NBA, and No Best Answer wins the vote, the Asker loses the question, and another user loses the opportunity to win the Best Answer. So ultimately, the user abusing the NBA button is affecting at least 2 users per question.

How can users protect themselves from the rampant NBA abuse in this category? How can a user notify Yahoo! Answers and request that they investigate the issue?

Best Answer...


People should take an interest in their regular sections, over and above just getting points there. If every GOOD user in a section spent a little time each day voting, honestly voting for the best answer they can see, they would easily out-vote the trolls.

Open the In Voting tab in the section, and page through until you get to ones showing "6 days ago". These are the ones about to run out of voting time. Vote on those, and also on the "5 days ago" if you won't be here tomorrow.

Don't vote on the freshest ones; any votes cast now might be overtaken by the NBAs. Let the trolls put what they think is enough votes, and then outvote them in the last 6 or 8 hours, by every good user voting for that age group.

Only vote NBA yourself if ALL the answers are useless or borderline violations like "good question haha" or "I think you're right but google it".