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Frequently Asked Questions...

why is the equestrian on the olympics media coverage so poor?

Why don't they do a full view coverage-NOT everyone like to see bits & pieces of the horses, they want to watch the whole thing. TV olympics seem to only show a flick here and there to the equestrian.

The Aussie team who WON Silver deserved more reconnition and so did the other actual winners and places GETTERS.

Best Answer...


Because it wouldn't get the viewership that the more widely-covered sports (and those with a wider appeal ... swimming, diving, gymnastics ... um, beach volleyball?) get.

I have not been able to find ANY TV coverage of equestrian events. But, if you read the questions posted on Yahoo Answers over the past few days, Y!A users are complaining that there's nothing BUT equestrian coverage!

Guess it just depends where you live? I'm in the Eastern Time Zone (US) which seems to be NBC's targeted audience. All I get (during primetime, anyway) is what I already mentioned.

I'd love to see some dressage!