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My best friend's birthday is soon and I don't know what to give as her gift!?

I've known her since I was like born ahahah and I know that should make it seem like i know what to get her, and I know the stuff she likes but it's just hard to pick out stuff these days lol. She's turning 15, and she likes stuff like The Beatles, V-neck shirts, Skinny Jeans, and pretty stuff / girly things too. She likes a good laugh and I know she wants clothes lol but idk where to get stuff from. There's always the traditional Forever 21, Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, Urban Outfitters, H & M, etc. but I don't know WHAT to get from those stores loll. Can you guys help me out by posting a few links of cute shirts / clothes / jewelry / pins / funny cool stuff for gifts? I'm kind of on a blind note here so I need all the help I can get! :] Oh and if you guys can also list some other stores I can look in? Or examples of cute / original gifts? Links to cute stuff should buy? Anything? Hahah thank youuu all help is thanked! :D <3

Best Answer...


get her a singing card! or even better, get her a card where you can record your own voice! that way, you can say your heartfelt message when she opens the card! stick a giftcard from her fav store in there, too. maybe even get her a chocolate bar, with a note attached that says "chocoholic, babay" so yeah just get her a singing or recording card, a giftcard to her fav stor, and a chocolate bar with that funny little message on it!!! i hope i helped you out! :) good luck, hun!