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If people tell you it is O.K., to wear your relatives Military medals or ribbons? SAY NO!?

If people tell you it is O.K., to wear your relatives Military Medals or Ribbons; on the right hand side, say NO! When, during W.W.II, they were awarded the medals, ribbons, General Service Pin, etc., there was a NUMBER that came with it; with the person`s name and OFFICIAL NUMBER, stating that they were the only one that are ALLOWED to wear it! On the back of the General Service Pin; it was stamped in the metal-Misuse of this pin 500.00 dollar fine or six months imprisonment.I don`t care who says it is O.K., tell them they are WRONG! You didn`t earn them, DON`T WEAR THEM!

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We have soooo many wannabes out there.

My son wanted to wear one of my BDU shirts, no name tapes or rank. Still the answer is no. One earns the right to wear the uniform. Army Navy stores should be illegal.